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Physicochemical characteristics

Expasy: Bioinformatics resource portal

Protein-Sol: is a predictive protein solubility calculator. the software will take a single amino acid sequence and return the result of a set of solubility prediction calculations, compared to a solubility database.

Periscope: Constructed based on the rising popularity of periplasmic expression, Periscope is a sequence-based predictor with a two-stage architecture that estimates the expression level and yield of soluble protein in the periplasm of E. coli. Given an input of protein sequence, Periscope classifies the input sequence into low, medium or high expression level, along with the probability of each predicted class. Next, it determines the estimated protein yield in soluble form upon expression in the periplasm of E. coli. Periscope acknowledges input sequence with both plain sequence format and FASTA format.

SPpred (Soluble Protein prediction) a web-server for predicting solubility of a protein on over expression in Escherichia coli. The prediction is done by hybrid of SVM model trained on PSSM profile generated by PSI-BLAST search of 'nr' protein database and splitted amino acid composition. The SVM model is trained and tested on a set of 192 proteins with 5-fold cross-validation. The prediction accuracy and MCC value are ~75% and 0.504 respectively during training and testing.

SODA - Protein SOlubility based on Disorder and Aggregation.

ccSol a tool to predict the solubility of individual proteins based on physicochemical properties

PaRSnIP is a sequence-based protein solubility predictor

eSOL(Solubility database of all E.coli proteins

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